Official REVS-Limiter merchandise for an online community. The REVS Facebook group celebrates cars, bikes, trucks, planes and everything else with wheels and engines.

Here are words from the REV, Adam. 

POP Bang Colour does REVS Merch….

The POPBANGCOLOUR Continuous Cars drawing of the Alfa Romeo has become a highlight of the REVS Limiter events that have taken place this year, as well as the community that has formed around them . We want to celebrate that with a number of items you can buy as part of a special edition gift set. Each piece features the image of the Alfa created by artist Ian Cook, who was a key part of the last REVS event, where he donated a specially commissioned painting of the car to be auctioned for charity. That painting also features in fine art print form available on its own or as part of the gift set. Indeed, each item can also be bought separately. 

Best of all with each purchase there is a donation made to the brilliant Mission Motorsport, the Forces Motorsport Charity. Buy a piece on its own, and Mission Motorsport will receive 50% of the profit on each item. Buy the gift set, and you make a saving on the cost of the individual items included, and £20 is donated to the charity. We believe it’s a great and worthwhile way to enjoy something, or give it as a gift, at the same time supporting the amazing recovery, advocacy and rehabilitation work that Mission Motorsport undertake. We hope you’ll agree. 

And if you decide to make a purchase - why not spread the word, and share a pic of your REVS Limiter POPBANGCOLOUR merchandise. We would love to see it.

The Gift set will need to be ordered by 11th December to guarantee a Christmas delivery. All gift set orders will be despatched 18th December.

Mission Motorsport donation:

- 50% profit on individual items purchased

- £20 per REVS Limiter gift box