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Engine: 2.2 litre SD4 | Fuel: Turbo diesel – 190PS | Transmission: 6 Speed Automatic | Loan Period: 7 days | Price: £39,990

Recently I had a @LandRover_UK Freelander 2 SD4 HSE Lux spec as a @Popbangcolour test car, this the 2.2 litre turbo diesel with the 6 Speed Automatic gearbox & 190PS.

As a Midlander, originally from Solihull, where a Land Rover factory is located, I’ve always been rather fond of vehicles that have the green oval embossed into the grille. My studio is also based at the Heritage Motor Centre, so I’m often seeing the cars being cleaned down after a mud plugging Experience adventure.

The Freelander is also significant to me as it had a role in my early motoring art career, whilst in Latvia on a university exchange programme. I had a diecast model of one which I had signed by everyone I met in the last week I was there, which is one of the reasons why I use toy cars in my artwork.

The Land Rover has a utilitarian feel but with a quality to it. Over the week I used it for long distance journeys, as well as town driving and it was an excellent all rounder - with the added factor that it could climb hills and go off road if ever required.  As it was the four wheel drive model I achieved around 30 mpg on average over the week.

I enjoyed the week with the Freelander. I can see why so many are on the road and why it’s been produced since 1997. It’s a practical and comfortable alternative to a standard car, with the Land Rover heritage and technology to accompany it in a very capable SUV package. With it’s latest updates it still feels like a car that could, and can go anywhere, with a splash of contemporary style inside & out...


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Written by IAN COOK — December 10, 2013

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